• Episode 1: Hardware vs. Wedgie
  • Episode 2: Wedgie vs. Bananas
  • Episode 3: Hardware vs. Nitrox
  • Episode 4: Tag-Team Showdown!
  • Episode 5: Der Meltdown!
  • Episode 6: Mongo vs. Tank
  • Episode 7: Thermo vs. Remix
  • Tag-Team Battle
  • Episode 9: Mongo vs. Remix
  • Episode 10: MELTDOWN, Teil 2

Erstelle dein Team!

  • Mama's Boy

    Mama's Boy

    Name: Mama's Boy

    Rivale: Salvager

    Kampfschrei: Don't Talk About My Mama!

    Spezial: Mama's Special

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Salvager


    Name: Salvager

    Rivale: Mama's Boy

    Kampfschrei: You Ain't Nothing But Scrap.

    Spezial: The Scrap Heap

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Lowlife


    Name: Lowlife

    Rivale: Recess

    Kampfschrei: Eat My Fist!

    Spezial: The Close Shave

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Recess


    Name: Recess

    Rivale: Lowlife

    Kampfschrei: Playtime Ain't Over Yet!

    Spezial: The Swirley

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Wedgie


    Name: Wedgie

    Rivale: Hardware

    Kampfschrei: Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me!

    Spezial: The Slimy Knuckle Sandwhich

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Hardware


    Name: Hardware

    Rivale: Wedgie

    Kampfschrei: Where Was I? Oh Yeah, WINNING!

    Spezial: The Ballistic Beatdown

    Gefunden in: Survivor Battle Pack

  • Madhouse


    Name: Madhouse

    Rivale: Kook

    Kampfschrei: I'm Missing A Few Screws…

    Spezial: The Straight Jacket

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Kook


    Name: Kook

    Rivale: Madhouse

    Kampfschrei: Mind If I Pick Your Brain?

    Spezial: The Monkey Wrench

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Bananas


    Name: Bananas

    Rivale: Nitrox

    Kampfschrei: No Monkey Business!

    Spezial: The Banana Split

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Nitrox


    Name: Nitrox

    Rivale: Bananas

    Kampfschrei: It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets A Chainsaw In The Eye!

    Spezial: The Chainsaw Check-up

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Hogwash


    Name: Hogwash

    Rivale: Blast Radius

    Kampfschrei: Ain't You Ever Seen A Talking Pig Before?

    Spezial: The Flying Pig

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Blast Radius

    Blast Radius

    Name: Blast Radius

    Rivale: Hogwash

    Kampfschrei: I’m About To Blow Up!

    Spezial: Da Bomb!

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Interface


    Name: Interface

    Rivale: Hamstrong

    Kampfschrei: Time For A Reboot!

    Spezial: The Hard Reboot

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Hamstrong


    Name: Hamstrong

    Rivale: Interface

    Kampfschrei: One Giant Leap For Swine!

    Spezial: The Moon Shot

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Oil Can

    Oil Can

    Name: Oil Can

    Rivale: Kill Switch

    Kampfschrei: You Look A Little Rusty…

    Spezial: The Rust Bucket

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Kill Switch

    Kill Switch

    Name: Kill Switch

    Rivale: Oil Can

    Kampfschrei: Music Will Ease Your Pain.

    Spezial: The Bass Drop

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Remix


    Name: Remix

    Rivale: Helmet Hedd

    Kampfschrei: I'm About To Drop A Hot Track On You…

    Spezial: The Record Scratch

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Helmet Hedd

    Helmet Hedd

    Name: Helmet Hedd

    Rivale: Remix

    Kampfschrei: I'm About To Go Inter-galactic.

    Spezial: The Space Out

    Gefunden in: Battle Pack Asst.

  • Ice Money

    Ice Money

    Name: Ice Money

    Rivale: Washout

    Kampfschrei: Let's Dance!

    Spezial: The Pop 'n Lock

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Washout


    Name: Washout

    Rivale: Ice Money

    Kampfschrei: Scrubba Dub Dub!

    Spezial: The Loofa Lunge

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • 'Stache


    Name: 'Stache

    Rivale: Threads

    Kampfschrei: Fear The 'Stache!

    Spezial: The Beatdown Boogie

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Threads


    Name: Threads

    Rivale: 'Stache

    Kampfschrei: Like My Look?

    Spezial: The Clothes Hanger

    Gefunden in: Battle Pack Asst.

  • Half-Pipe


    Name: Half-Pipe

    Rivale: Ultima

    Kampfschrei: You'd Better Wear A Helmet…

    Spezial: The Hard Landing

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Ultima


    Name: Ultima

    Rivale: Half-Pipe

    Kampfschrei: Am The End.

    Spezial: The Final Countdown

    Gefunden in: Mystery Pack

  • Mongo


    Name: Mongo

    Rivale: Brainstrain

    Kampfschrei: It's About To Get Tricky!

    Spezial: Grind Into Dust

    Gefunden in: Tag-Team Battle Pack

  • Brainstrain


    Name: Brainstrain

    Rivale: Mongo

    Kampfschrei: Think Fast!

    Spezial: The Brain Freeze

    Gefunden in: Tag-Team Battle Pack

  • Coach


    Name: Coach

    Rivale: Tenderizer

    Kampfschrei: Gotta Give 110%

    Spezial: The After-School Special

    Gefunden in: Survivor Battle Pack

  • Tenderizer


    Name: Tenderizer

    Rivale: I'll Make Bacon Outta You!

    Kampfschrei: I'll Make Bacon Outta You!

    Spezial: The Hot Griddle

    Gefunden in: Double Trouble Battle Pack

  • Thermo


    Name: Thermo

    Rivale: Tank

    Kampfschrei: It's About To Get Chilly!

    Spezial: The Cold Shoulde

    Gefunden in: Beatdown Battle Pack

  • Hypeman


    Name: Hypeman

    Rivale: Clubb

    Kampfschrei: Get Pumped!

    Spezial: The Mic Drop

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Clubb


    Name: Clubb

    Rivale: Hypeman

    Kampfschrei: Check Out My Moves!

    Spezial: The Dance Of Death

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Bootlick


    Name: Bootlick

    Rivale: Phunky Fresh

    Kampfschrei: These Boots Look Mighty Dirty…

    Spezial: The Whomp 'n Stomp

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Phunky Fresh

    Phunky Fresh

    Name: Phunky Fresh

    Rivale: Bootlick

    Kampfschrei: Don't Touch The Hair…

    Spezial: The Hair Pick

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Thrusta


    Name: Thrusta

    Rivale: Chow Down

    Kampfschrei: Sick Burn, Bro

    Spezial: The Broment Of Silence

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Chow Down

    Chow Down

    Name: Chow Down

    Rivale: Thrusta

    Kampfschrei: Time To Dig In.

    Spezial: A Need To Feed

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Three Pete

    Three Pete

    Name: Three Pete

    Rivale: Jacque

    Kampfschrei: Everything's Better In Threes.

    Spezial: The Triple Takedown

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Jacque


    Name: Jacque

    Rivale: Three Pete

    Kampfschrei: Je Suis La Mort

    Spezial: The French Baguette

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Tank


    Name: Tank

    Rivale: Thermo

    Kampfschrei: I'm Armed And Ready To Bring The Pain.

    Spezial: Major Pain

    Gefunden in: Double Trouble Battle Pack

  • Earz


    Name: Earz

    Rivale: Spacehog

    Kampfschrei: Anybody Have A Q-tip?

    Spezial: Ears Fulla Wax

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Spacehog


    Name: Spacehog

    Rivale: Earz

    Kampfschrei: Get Ready For Blastoff!

    Spezial: The Sausage Shoulder

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Homework


    Name: Homework

    Rivale: Mad Doc

    Kampfschrei: Can I Borrow Your Test?

    Spezial: The Cheater Chokehold

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Mad Doc

    Mad Doc

    Name: Mad Doc

    Rivale: Homework

    Kampfschrei: Marvel At My Creations!

    Spezial: The Scientific Method

    Gefunden in: Double Trouble Battle Pack

  • Towel Snap

    Towel Snap

    Name: Towel Snap

    Rivale: Toothache

    Kampfschrei: Oh Snap!

    Spezial: The Towel Snap

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Toothache


    Name: Toothache

    Rivale: Towel Snap

    Kampfschrei: Anybody Got A Few Spare Teeth?

    Spezial: The Tooth Loosener

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Gene X

    Gene X

    Name: Gene X

    Rivale: Liftoff

    Kampfschrei: Nothing A Little Science Can't Fix!

    Spezial: The Experimental Technique

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Liftoff


    Name: Liftoff

    Rivale: Gene X

    Kampfschrei: Here We Go!

    Spezial: The Lunar Lander

    Gefunden in: Pilots Pack

  • Rail Splitter

    Rail Splitter

    Name: Rail Splitter

    Rivale: Moonshot

    Kampfschrei: I've Got An Axe To Grind…

    Spezial: The Rail Splitter

    Gefunden in: Bot Blasters Asst.

  • Moonshot


    Name: Moonshot

    Rivale: Rail Splitter

    Kampfschrei: There's A Moon Over My Hammy!

    Spezial: The Space Boot

    Gefunden in: Bot Blasters Asst.

  • Shoelace


    Name: Shoelace

    Rivale: Nightmare

    Kampfschrei: I Didn't Do It!

    Spezial: Tied Shoelaces

    Gefunden in: Bot Blasters Asst.

  • Nightmare


    Name: Nightmare

    Rivale: Shoelace

    Kampfschrei: I'm Your Worst Nightmare!

    Spezial: The Terror Takedown

    Gefunden in: Bot Blasters Asst.

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